Drainage Solutions With Rhino

We'll find a place for unwanted water - and that place will be anywhere but inside your home

Living in the Northeast, specifically in the Greater Philadelphia Area, means a lot of precipitation and flooding from our many rivers. Having a place for the water to go means peace of mind throughout even the harshest of storms. 

We offer a variety of drainage solutions including:

🦏 Pipe and Drain Installation and Services : Don't try this at home - pipes and drain solutions require expert remediation.  After determining the best plan of attack, Rhino will perform the necessary tasks to install drains in the ideal spots for water removal.  
🦏 Sump Pump Installation : When the experts at Rhino install your sump pump, you will enjoy the long term benefits such as: flood prevention, increased home value, decreased risk of mold growth and a solid home foundation. Designed to last 10 years, keeping your sump pump up to date reduces your risk for basement flooding - Contact the experts at Rhino to install your new sump pump today.
Types of Sump Pumps:

🦏 Submersible Pumps- These sit in groundwater, which helps to keep the pump from overheating and are installed in your sump pump pit. These pumps are used for commercial and industrial facilities.
🦏 Pedestal Pumps- These are air-cooled, and unlike submersible pumps, they are not submerged in water and require a lot more space and air flow to avoid overheating.

To find out more about our many drainage solutions so we can choose the right one for your home, contact us now.



Sump Pump


The best defense against groundwater, sump pumps play an important role in keeping your home dry, allowing you to Sleep Tight knowing it's Rhino Right!


Pipe and Drain Installation

Let our experts determine the best drainage solution for your home and property